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    • Life Choices

      Life Choices

      A Course in Personal Growth. It is for individuals seeking personal development, self-awareness and self-direction. An essential learning experience for you.

    • Choices / Early Choices

      Choices / Early Choices

      Life skills & personal development course for children & young people.

    • Parents for Life

      Parents for Life

      For parents, carers, teachers, trainers, social workers and other sector specialists. The Fathering course is targeted at natural, adoptive, step and foster fathers. Guardians, carers, grandfathers, u…

    • Fathers for Life

      Fathers for Life

      The course is targeted at natural, adoptive, step and foster fathers. Guardians, carers, grandfathers, uncles and other paternal relatives.

    • Partnership In Practice

      Partnership In Practice

      For people entering a long term relationship. Here we explore the meaning of partnerships, trust and commitment and consider the qualities of an ideal partnership.

    • Different But Equal

      Different But Equal

      Living and working with Diversity. A course which explores the challenges of working with diverse colleagues, clients and communities.

    • Introduction to Counselling

      Introduction to Counselling

      First step to counselling skills. It is for those wishing to become counsellors and need to develop interpersonal skills.

    • Loneliness, Isolation and Depression

      Loneliness, Isolation and Depression

      This course is open to all individuals experiencing L.I.D (Loneliness, Isolation and Depression). This course is all about lifting the LID.

    • Self Esteem

      Self Esteem

      Assertiveness and effectiveness in all areas of life for Individuals seeking positive self-esteem and confidence.

    • Anger Management

      Anger Management

      To manage and prevent anger. Anger Management explores what it means to conquer negative anger and transform it into calm and peace.

    • Stress Management

      Stress Management

      To help manage and prevent stress for Individuals seeking stress relief.

    • Effective Communication

      Effective Communication

      The indispensable course to achieve successful communication skills. This course aims at Individuals seeking to develop their personal related skills in all areas of life.

    • Work-Life Balance

      Work-Life Balance

      To manage life inside & outside work. The course centres on creating an opportunity to step back, take stock, and find ways to make changes in your life in all areas.

    • Effective Leadership

      Effective Leadership

      A blended learning experience allowing those that manage people - develop skills/tools to motivate others and lead the team to success. Learn how to become an action-centred leader following the E2 Mo…

    • Coaching for Mothers

      Coaching for Mothers

      For Natural, Single Parent Mothers, Step and Foster Mothers, Guardians and women who act on behalf of a child’s biological parents.


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