Good parenting skills that help in times of crisis, challenge or change


Parents, carers and families are the most important influence on outcomes for children and young people. 2as1 wants all children to benefit from confident, positive and resilient parenting, from birth right through to the teenage years.

2as1 aims to ensure that access to support for parents becomes routine, particularly at key points in a child or young person's life. 2as1 supports parents by providing access to high standard universal support in the form of information, advice, training and signposting to other services.

2as1 recognises the importance of actively involving parents in the development of children and young people's education and wellbeing by helping parents to understand what they can do at home to work with the school. Working in partnership with emerging Children's centres and extended schools, 2as1 is able to support and involve parents at all stages of a child's learning and development.


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