Evidence demonstrates that marriage and relationship support can benefit couples at all stages of a relationship. In addition to benefiting the couple, society benefits. By creating a strong evidence base through qualitative and quantitative research, 2as1 aims to:

Increase public knowledge and share best practice for a widespread understanding of how relationship support can strengthen the family through a central platform

Increase peoples self knowledge and understanding of impact of others in relationships.

Foster a cultural change in learning about relationships as an acceptable ‘lifestyle choice.’

Increase information and awareness about relationships, parenting and the benefits of obtaining help early on (not only when issues get to ’crisis point).


Moving Foward Together

A Proposed Strategy for Marriage & Relationship Support and Beyond.



AGMARS - Working in Partnership

The roles of Government, the statutory sector and the voluntary sector.

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Objectives and Outcomes

AGMARS - Key Objectives and Outcomes

Aims, criteria & outcomes for marriage & relationship support in the UK.



Number Of Marriages Constituent Countries Of The Uk, 2003

Statistics on Marriages in 2003.

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Divorce Stats

Divorce Stats, Constituent UK Countries, 2004

UK Divorce cases in 2004 showing the effects of relationship breakdown.



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'Bridging the Gap' by sharing best practice.

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