Family Therapy

Managing the day to day drama that life brings

All families have drama

All families have drama – puberty, marriage, divorce, midlife crises, menopause, domestic violence, alcohol and drug abuse etc. Just plain old day-to-day living can bring drama. What is important though, is how you manage the drama that life throws at you and your family. 2as1 can show you how practical strategies can make a diiference. 

2as1 helps individuals, couples and families work through the drama with Family Therapy for healthy lifestyle choices:

  • Private Therapy, Relationship & Parenting Support
  • Life Choices
  • Mediation & Family Group Conferences
  • Work/life Balance


2as1 provides a neutral environment where families or individuals can take ‘stock’ and work through their problems. Contact us on 0700 22 22 700


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