5 Top Tips to a Strong Family Relationship

Family Relationships

1. Set a good example

Don’t swear when you’re annoyed; if you do, expect your children to do the same.
Don’t ask your family to tell a white lie and cover for you – if you do, don’t be surprised if they tell a little fib as well.


Children copy everything, so behave appropriately in front of them.
Allow your children to pick up good qualities and habits.


2. Build on communication

"You never listen to me” is a complaint often used by children to parents.
Listen well; don’t be too keen to express your views.

Avoid distractions; children feel they have not been heard if you’re too busy to listen or focus during their conversations.


When your children are ready to talk – look beyond their words and figure out what emotions are involved.
Encourage them to communicate their feelings, expectations, challenges, sorrows and joys.


3. Using the right discipline

Aim for balanced discipline, where you still install firm rules and boundaries, whilst respecting your children’s views.


  • Deal with bad behaviour straightaway.
  • Avoid negative comments.
  • Avoid using threats to gain control.


4. Attention Seekers

All children need positive attention, cuddles, praise and words of love spoken to them.
Paying more attention when they are bad will encourage them to always seek negative attention.


Notice when they are behaving well and praise good behaviour.


5. Encourage independence

Allow your children to experience the natural consequences of their behaviour or mistakes.
Independence gives children a great sense of accomplishment and motivation to go on learning.


Respect your children’s increasing need for privacy and independence.
Allows children to gain a sense of responsibility and respect.


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