Smart Snacking


pic_article_0176.jpgEvery parent and carer wants healthy robust children who can resist infections and diseases. Good health should be a birthright. By helping your child eat a healthy diet and exercise daily, you can reduce his or her risk of experiencing certain health problems now and later in life. It’s never too late to help your children improve their immunity.

Eating the right type of small snack between breakfast and lunch, and again between lunch and dinner, helps to prevent large peaks and dips in blood sugar level’s, which can radically affect your child’s energy level, concentration and mood.

Many great snacks are easy to prepare and to eat. Here are some healthy, tasty and easy snack options:

  • half a sandwich
  • cheese and crackers
  • cereal mix and carrot sticks with dip
  • a fruit smoothie
  • yogurt with peaches (or other fruits)
  • raisons
  • rice cakes
  • nuts and apple slices

Avoid offering your children high calorie and low nutrient snacks between meals. 

Avoid foods like:

  • potato or corn crisps
  • chocolate bars or sweets
  • cookies and biscuits
  • ice-creams
  • fizzy drinks

They will temporarily satisfy your child’s hunger but they do not provide very much nutritional value. 

Soft drinks and even fruit juice consumption should be limited for children due to the high amounts of sugar they contain. 




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