pic_article_0097.jpg2as1 believes that every child deserves to have full access to healthcare facilities.

With all the debates and discussions on why and how children should become healthier, we believe that everyone who cares (parents, carers, teachers and doctors) should have access to relevant information on health.

Some steps only parents can take - such as serving healthy meals or ensuring the right precautions are taken for infections. Embracing a nutritional approach will help strengthen their immune systems as well as possibly resist the degenerative diseases in adulthood.

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Infections & Immunisations

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It is essential to know about common infections, as well as the less common ones that you will hopefully not run into. We will shed light on how to protect your family with immunisations...

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These days there are too many pressures on children to "fit in," – from TV to friends and school, etc. more especially if they have a disability. Addressing these pressures will require a number of skills.

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Every parent and carer wants healthy robust children who can resist infections and diseases. Good health should be a birthright.

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Allergic problems can be devastating for children. Some are seasonal and cannot be avoided.

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